The expertise at Eden allows us to offer a wide range of services.  We have acted as a development partner on a raw land, ground up development.  In the current marketplace we are assisting potential investors, current investors, and mezzanine lenders to evaluate specific projects and assist them in determining a prudent action plan for their interests.  We have worked with Foundations to renovate and or re-develop their real estate holdings.  The revised cash flow becoming their funding base for their mission of service.  Schools and Universities have been assisted by our management team to maximize their real estate holdings to better service their mission also. 

We are currently working with high net individuals to take advantage of the adjustment in real estate values to acquire strong medium and long-term assets with an operating strategy.  Our tract record in resort, hotel, and multifamily properties is strong and provides investment insight for stalled projects, renovations, new developments as well as short sales.

Our experienced management of staff capable is capable of controlling the design and construction of costs.  Our track record is reflective of the experience of our managers.  Our most experienced managers have started in the field and then go on to higher education and management positions.  This provides our team with a unique perspective of understanding that is paramount in managing schedule, costs and quality on any project.

We are willing to work with you as a partner, on a fee basis to manage you project, or as a consultant to help evaluate you situation.

Featured Works
Soaring Ten Story Atrium
Project Location: Washington DC

Curved Glass Curtain Wall Facade
Project Location: Washington DC

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